Thursday, June 7, 2012

Paris, days 2, 3 & 4

Ok, so I've been a little negligent about my posting - but when you see everywhere I've been you'll see why . . .
 Arc de Triomphe.  I climbed 286 steps for that view!

Entrance to Versailles

Hall of Mirrors

Home of the Sun King

Versailles was so crowed that mostly I got photos of ceilings!

The Gardens at Versailles

Mastering the Metro

The Rodin Museum

Hmmmm . . .

Rodin Museum Gardens

Napoleon's Tomb

Napoleon's tomb

Napoleon's tomb

10:00pm at the Eiffel Tower

Entrance to the Catacombs


Sculpture by Decure (Catacombs)


Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens

And all this doesn't include photos of the museum d'Orsay, riding on the Batobus, and shopping in the bead& trim district! Not to mention drinking lots of wine and eating lots and lots of chocolate & cheese! I think I love Paris. . .

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